Awards up to $400 through a local, competitive process in each of Map showing 6 regions of state - thumbnail image of page this image links toNVME’s 6 regions.

Deadline to apply for Fall, 2016 is Friday, November 4.

Background: New Ventures Maine (NVME)’s marketing mini-grant program aims to strengthen access to markets for micro-businesses by supporting the development of marketing tools, materials, and activities. Under the program NVME awards cash mini-grants (up to $400 each) to micro-enterprises for marketing projects via one of two competitive processes.

EligibilityEligible applicants include individual micro business owners, business partners, or groups of business owners. Non-profit organizations are not eligible. Businesses must apply to the region in which they are based. Additional criteria: 5 or fewer full-time equivalent employees, and gross annual sales of $250,000 or less.

Use of funds: New Ventures Maine’s mini-grants support new or expanded business marketing and promotion, not the production of your product or purchase of equipment, tools, furnishings, or other fixed assets.  Professional licensure for the owner or employees and/or membership fees will not be funded.

Business MatchYour winning grant must be matched by a 25% contribution (i.e. $100 match required for $400 grant).  Matching funds can come from business profits, personal funds, or other sources.

Regional Variations: The MidCoast and Southern regions will use the applications to select contestants for a live pitch contest. The other four regions – Central, NorthCentral, Northern and Western – will award grants based upon a written application.

Region-Specific contacts: Specific information and applications are available through each region’s contact:

Additional resources for applicants:

Application Questions

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Mini-grants supported in part by Norway Savings Bank

ClassDateProgram AreaLocationRegion
Work for Yourself@50+2017-02-27 February 27, 2017Start a BusinessPresque IsleNorthern
Work for Yourself@50+2017-02-28 February 28, 2017Start a BusinessBangorNorth Central
Introduction to Self-Employment2017-02-28 February 28, 2017Start a BusinessPresque IsleNorthern
Business Basics2017-02-15 February 15, 2017
(ends March 01, 2017)
Start a BusinessLewistonWestern
Work for Yourself@50+2017-03-02 March 02, 2017Start a BusinessAuburnWestern
Introduction to Self-Employment2017-03-06 March 06, 2017Start a BusinessBangorNorth Central
Introduction to Self-Employment2017-03-07 March 07, 2017Start a BusinessMechanic FallsWestern
Work for Yourself@50+2017-03-07 March 07, 2017Start a BusinessAugustaCentral
Business Basics2017-03-02 March 02, 2017
(ends March 09, 2017)
Start a BusinessCamdenMidCoast
Business Basics2017-03-07 March 07, 2017
(ends March 14, 2017)
Start a BusinessBrunswickMidCoast
Introduction to Self-Employment2017-03-15 March 15, 2017Start a BusinessAugustaCentral
Work for Yourself@50+2017-03-15 March 15, 2017Start a BusinessSouth PortlandSouthern
Business Basics2017-03-02 March 02, 2017
(ends March 16, 2017)
Start a BusinessPresque IsleNorthern
Tax Prep for the Self-Employed2017-03-22 March 22, 2017Start a BusinessBrunswickMidCoast
Tax Prep for the Self-Employed2017-03-23 March 23, 2017Start a BusinessCamdenMidCoast
Introduction to Self-Employment2017-04-03 April 03, 2017Start a BusinessBangorNorth Central
Introduction to Self-Employment2017-04-06 April 06, 2017Start a BusinessTurnerWestern
Introduction to Self-Employment2017-04-11 April 11, 2017Start a BusinessOaklandCentral
Introduction to Self-Employment2017-04-12 April 12, 2017Start a BusinessGardinerCentral
Introduction to Self-Employment2017-04-13 April 13, 2017Start a BusinessLewistonWestern
Introduction to Self-Employment2017-04-24 April 24, 2017Start a BusinessFarmingtonWestern
Introduction to Self-Employment2017-05-01 May 01, 2017Start a BusinessBangorNorth Central
Business Basics2017-05-04 May 04, 2017
(ends May 18, 2017)
Start a BusinessPresque IsleNorthern
Business Basics2017-05-08 May 08, 2017
(ends May 22, 2017)
Start a BusinessFarmingtonWestern
Introduction to Self-Employment2017-05-02 May 02, 2017
(ends May 30, 2017)
Start a BusinessFort KentNorthern
Introduction to Self-Employment2017-05-02 May 02, 2017
(ends May 30, 2017)
Start a BusinessMadawaskaNorthern
Introduction to Self-Employment2017-06-05 June 05, 2017Start a BusinessBangorNorth Central
Venturing Forth: Business Planning for Entrep2017-03-22 March 22, 2017
(ends June 07, 2017)
Start a BusinessBangorNorth Central
Venturing Forth: Business Planning for Entrep2017-03-29 March 29, 2017
(ends June 14, 2017)
Start a BusinessLewistonWestern
Introduction to Self-Employment2017-06-15 June 15, 2017Start a BusinessLewistonWestern
Business Basics2017-06-08 June 08, 2017
(ends June 22, 2017)
Start a BusinessFortKentNorthern