Reading the Signs: Charting Your Course   

How do you know where your path will take you if you can’t find your path? 
Just as you read the signs to stay on a trail, having a plan helps you reach your goals.

Your career plan guides you through the many opportunities and challenges in finding a job, developing a long-term career that you love, and continually developing your skills and experience.


Your business plan helps you reach your target market, achieve your profit goals, and build a sustainable business model for growth.


Your financial plan assesses your current spending, creates a balanced budget for income and expenses, and moves you step-by-step towards your short and long term financial goals.


Like walking a labyrinth, where the meditative path unfolds in front of you with one route to the center and back, you can implement ways to automate your plans to make achieving your goals more simple:
  • Create saved searches on job search websites and automatically get emailed with new postings in your field on a regular basis without having to remember to look for jobs every week.
  • Set aside a consistent percentage of your profits to make sure your business doesn’t fall behind on quarterly federal taxes, sales tax, or other requirements as your customer base grows.
  • Use direct deposit into separate accounts to automate your progress towards your savings goals and to pay your bills without worrying about deadlines or late fees.
Do you need help making your plan or putting your plan into action?
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