Temporary Employment During the Holiday Season

Written by Lisa Sweet, Southern Region Workforce Development Specialist
As the leaves begin to turn and fall is upon us in Maine, we often begin to think about the upcoming holidays. If you are between jobs, looking for a new career, or want to earn extra money for the holidays, temporary seasonal employment might be the answer.
Temporary seasonal employers vary from season to season in Maine.

  • In the winter, we have ski resorts
  • In the spring, we have landscapers
  • In the summer, we have beaches, summer camps, and theme parks
  • In the fall, we have retailers

Sign saying open 11 AM - 6 PM seasonal

Working Retail During the Fall & Holiday Season

In the fall, retailers, both large and small, see an increase in shopping traffic. The same retailers also offer extended hours for the upcoming holiday season. From well known Maine based retailers to national retailers with local stores, many employers need extra help during the holiday season.
While working at a retail establishment, you might also receive the benefit of an employee discount. In addition to earning extra income by working, you could also save on items that would have otherwise been full price.

Plan Ahead

It is always beneficial to have a plan for what you will do with any extra money earned. This will help you avoid impulse spending on items that are not a necessity or a priority. If you are able to buy gifts at a discount, you can stretch your earned dollars even further and a plan for gift buying will help you stay on budget.
While we encourage people to save money for the future and for life’s unexpected circumstances, we also understand the desire to purchase gifts for the holidays.  By planning ahead, you can continue to work on your savings goals and enjoy your holiday traditions.

Your Next Steps

If you are looking for temporary work because you are between jobs, New Ventures Maine can help you with your job/career search.  We offer career planning classes free of charge, as well as, individual appointments to explore career options.
My Next Career Move, can help you:

  • Learn how your current skills connect to future careers
  • Identify high-growth job fields
  • Explore education and training options
  • Strengthen your resume for a targeted job search

We hope you will join us at our next career class.  In the meantime, have a wonderful fall season.