Trease Hodge

..I sit around these different tables …and I speak up and use my voice, my knowledge and I make a difference. Yes, it is scary, but I do it anyway.”

Linda Johnson – South Portland

Linda Johnson came to Maine from Massachusetts after raising a family and going through a life-changing event. She had always vacationed in Maine and felt it was the right place for her, but what she didn’t count on was the poor economy.  After six months of looking for a job in the Portland area, Linda found a part-time, low-paying, no-benefits position.  Two months later she found another part time job …

Pam Meucci

Pam enrolled in WWC’s money training with an uncertain feeling.  She sensed that she needed to improve her awareness and skills with money but hadn’t known what to do or just how to do it.  In Financing Your Future at WWC she felt comfortable being with others who were experiencing some of the same money challenges as she did, especially those who had their work hours cut to a bare …

Dianne Clarke [Portland]

Dianne Clarke [Portland]

Dianne Clarke (dee) has been a voice for people experiencing homelessness for over a decade as an advocate with Preble Street’s Homeless Voices For Justice (HVJ). Once homeless herself, dee educates the public on the root causes of homelessness and organizes the homeless community to work with legislators to pass laws to help and protect those living life on the streets. One recent successful HVJ campaign, in conjunction with the Attorney General’s office, resulted in passage …

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