Budgeting Basics

  • Program Area: Manage your Money
  • Date: March 12, 2020
  • Day of the week: Thursday
  • Time of day: 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM
  • Region: North Central/Downeast
  • Location: UMA Ellsworth Center
  • Address: 248 State Street, Suite A, Ellsworth ME, 04605 - Map

Class Description

In this workshop, you will learn the basic components for building a budget. We will discuss money tracking, goal setting, and how having a sense of your overall financial situation can assist you in the process of building a budget.


Registration/More Info

Tom Grogan
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ClassDateProgram AreaLocationRegion
Budgeting Basics2020-01-28 January 28, 2020Manage your MoneyLewistonWestern
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(ends January 28, 2020)
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Your Money Personality2020-02-20 February 20, 2020Manage your MoneyBrunswickMidcoast
Budgeting Basics2020-02-25 February 25, 2020Manage your MoneyLewistonWestern
Budgeting Basics2020-02-27 February 27, 2020Manage your MoneyBrunswickMidcoast
My Money Works2020-02-12 February 12, 2020
(ends March 04, 2020)
Manage your MoneyBangorNorth Central/Downeast
Budgeting Basics2020-03-12 March 12, 2020Manage your MoneyFarmingtonWestern
Clean Up Your Credit2020-03-19 March 19, 2020Manage your MoneyFarmingtonWestern
My Money Works2020-03-03 March 03, 2020
(ends March 24, 2020)
Manage your MoneyONLINEStatewide
Your Money Personality2020-03-26 March 26, 2020Manage your MoneyFarmingtonWestern
My Money Works2020-03-10 March 10, 2020
(ends April 07, 2020)
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Clean Up Your Credit2020-04-08 April 08, 2020Manage your MoneyLewistonWestern
Let’s Talk About Credit2020-04-09 April 09, 2020Manage your MoneyEllsworthNorth Central/Downeast
Clean Up Your Credit2020-04-27 April 27, 2020Manage your MoneyTurnerWestern
My Money Works2020-04-07 April 07, 2020
(ends April 28, 2020)
Manage your MoneyPresque IsleNorthern
My Money Works2020-04-28 April 28, 2020
(ends May 19, 2020)
Manage your MoneyLewistonWestern
My Money Works2020-04-30 April 30, 2020
(ends May 28, 2020)
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