My Money Works

  • Program Area: Manage your Money
  • Date: February 03, 2022 to March 10, 2022
  • Day of the week: Thursday
  • Time of day: 10:00 -11:00AM
  • Delivery: Online

Class Description

This interactive class can help you gain the skills and confidence you need to stretch your money, pay your bills, reduce debt, find money for savings, plan for retirement, and set personal financial goals. At the end of the class, you will have a plan to achieve greater financial stability. A follow-up session is offered to provide additional networking and support. Successful completion of this class meets one of the requirements for the Family Development Account (FDA) and Rainy Day Savings (RDS) matched savings programs.

Graduates of My Money Works are eligible to apply for the GEN Scholarship to be used at any University of Maine System university, any Maine Community College, or the University of New England.

Registration/More Info

Contact Tom Grogan at thomas.grogan@maine.edu or 207-262-7843.
If you recently completed the NVME registration form, you may sign up for this class by contacting Tom.
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ClassDateProgram AreaLocationRegion
Budgeting Basics2022-02-03 February 03, 2022Manage your MoneyONLINE DaytimeStatewide
My Money Works2022-01-11 January 11, 2022
(ends February 08, 2022)
Manage your MoneyONLINE EveningStatewide
Let’s Talk About Credit2022-02-10 February 10, 2022Manage your MoneyONLINE DaytimeStatewide
Build Your Savings2022-02-17 February 17, 2022Manage your MoneyONLINE DaytimeStatewide
Budgeting Basics2022-03-16 March 16, 2022Manage your MoneyONLINE DaytimeStatewide
Let’s Talk About Credit2022-03-23 March 23, 2022Manage your MoneyONLINE DaytimeStatewide
Budgeting Basics2022-03-28 March 28, 2022Manage your MoneyONLINE eveningStatewide
My Money Works2022-03-01 March 01, 2022
(ends March 29, 2022)
Manage your MoneyONLINE EveningStatewide
Build Your Savings2022-03-30 March 30, 2022Manage your MoneyONLINE EveningStatewide
Let’s Talk About Credit2022-04-04 April 04, 2022Manage your MoneyONLINE eveningStatewide
Build Your Savings2022-04-11 April 11, 2022Manage your MoneyONLINE EveningStatewide
My Money Works2022-04-06 April 06, 2022
(ends May 04, 2022)
Manage your MoneyONLINE DaytimeStatewide