Angie Buxton [Brunswick]

Angie at WorkAngie  Buxton first came to Women, Work  and Community to develop her massage therapy business; she completed the New  Ventures  class in  South Portland and launched her business in  2009.  From Heart to Hands focused on  massage with underserved populations such as elders, people with chronic illnesses, and people in  treatment and recovery for cancer, as well  as stress relief massage for the rest of us.  She provided seated massage to people who  are homeless as a volunteer.

Even with a solid business  plan, Angie  found  it  difficult to make enough from her business  during the tough economic times.   Angie  decided to pursue  employment to provide a more reliable income for  her household.  In  2010 Angie  again turned  to Women, Work  and Community to help determine an appropriate career direction and job  search strategy.  Angie  worked with WWC staff to identify and explore possible careers that matched her interests and skills.  Once Angie  clarified her direction, she worked on  creating a resume and cover letter highlighting her transferable skills.

Angie  applied for, and was offered a position at United Way of Mid  Coast Maine as a Loaned Executive for their fall fundraising campaign. Though a temporary position, it allowed Angie  to use her strengths and further develop her skills while making key  contacts in  the community.  Several months later, another job  opened up at United Way; Angie  applied and was offered the position.

As  Volunteer  Initiative Coordinator, Angie  is  able to combine her belief  in  service, experience in  the nonprofit sector and skills in  management  to promote volunteerism in  the Midcoast area through public education, capacity building and professional development for  managers of volunteers.   While she continues to offer  massage on  a part-time basis, the regular income gives  her the ability to better plan her family’s financial future.

In addition, Angie  volunteers her time to WWC as a member of the Ambassador Club, offering her voice, time and energy to local and statewide initiatives.