Gail Thibault – Presque Isle


Photo Credit: Chris Bennett

40 Stories for 40 Years – Profilee 11

Gail first came to New Ventures Maine in 2001 when she took the money management class called Financing Your Future. A few years later, Gail opened a matched savings Family Development Account. This allowed her to increase savings to pay for and attend college while working nights in a factory.

Upon completing her associate degree in residential construction, Gail secured a position at Eurovia Atlantic Coast DBA Northeast Paving as an Office Clerk. She then advanced to an Office Assistant and later to Time Keeper. Gail returned to college a few years ago to get her bachelor’s degree in business management. Completing this degree in 2018, Gail was then promoted to Engineer Tech. In this role, she estimates costs for large construction jobs and works with other employees to find more efficient practices.

Gail OutsideEnvision Your Future

Gail’s relationship with NVME has stayed strong throughout the years. As an Ambassador for NVME since 2011, she has been instrumental in advocating on behalf of the organization. Gail continues to engage actively with NVME, participating in classes like Introduction to Business, and helping to plan key events in Aroostook County. She has enjoyed helping with events such as Totally Trades! in Presque Isle and the annual Aroostook ALL for Women conference.

Gail credits NVME for inspiring her to build her professional image and skills, increasing her self-esteem, and making her “aware of the importance of a budget and planning for the future.” She also thanks NVME for helping her to realize she is “capable of persevering and seeing it pay off.”

Gail’s advice to others working in low-wage jobs with little chance for advancement, “Don’t worry about what’s fair or easier – envision the future you want and develop a strategy to get there.”