Kayte Churchill

Kayte at the door of her new studio

Kayte started a landscaping business with her husband when she was 21.  Over time, however, she felt a need to express her own creativity in ways the landscaping business wasn’t providing.  “I’ve always been interested in flowers, “she says, “so I tried that out by working at a floral shop.  It really confirmed that this was my interest.”  At the same time, Kayte felt compelled to finish her college degree.  She found that UMA offered a program in photography and was struck by how useful that would be for her developing ideas for a floral business.  Kayte finished her BA in Art in May, 2012.

Along the way, she discovered the services that WWC provides.  By taking the Introduction to Self-employment as well as accessing the on-line classes WWC has developed with the Small Business Development Centers, Kayte was able to complete a business plan.  She also qualified for the Family Development Account and very quickly saved up enough to purchase needed photography equipment.

Kayte has now woven all these threads together in her business, Ledgehill Gardens.  She offers floral designs and professional photography to brides as well as doing professional photographic portraits.  Her new studio building at her home location provides a wonderful base from which to serve her customers.  “There is magic that happens in what I do.  I love creating a bouquet, handing it to the bride, and then photographing her face when she sees it.  I love doing this work,” she says.