Maria Hanley – Southport

Image of MariaMaking Difficult Decisions

Maria Hanley moved to Maine to be closer to family after her husband passed away. Before his illness, her husband ran a promotional products advertising company. The advertising business was not a passion of Maria’s as it was for her husband. They agreed that she would make decisions going forward in the best interest of their family – even if it included selling the business.

In 2017, Maria decided to sell the business. She turned to New Ventures Maine for help in the transition. “New Ventures Maine helped me by providing a stable resource of educated guidance when I needed it.”

Taking Risk in Transition

Maria found herself as an unemployed single mom. Her new community was very different from the bustling town she came from. Her background in television, post-production, and fine art gave her many skills. Yet she struggled to translate them into employment in rural Maine.

Maria says, “I knew I wanted to pursue my passion for working with at-risk youth.” She had volunteered for years in this way. “I knew the transition from advertising to social services was a financial risk, but it was now or never.”

Translating Skills into Success

New Ventures helped Maria rebuild her resume. She learned to structure it to highlight skills for her new sector. “New Ventures Maine provided job searching help and advice after years of being out of the loop. I felt prepared going into the interviews, followed the tips, and was able to push through.”

Maria quickly landed a job as a Behavioral Health Professional in a local school system. “My new career is just beginning, but I have learned so much about my own capabilities,” Maria says. “New Ventures made it possible for me to realize a new future during a very difficult time.”

Moving Forward

Maria’s goals are to keep moving forward. She is considering going back to school for her Master of Social Work, focusing on clinical psychology.

Maria encourages other career-changers to “Believe in yourself and follow your heart. Be willing to say yes to opportunities without having unrealistic expectations. Be open to the journey and willing to learn.”

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