Rowena Forbes [Castle Hill]

When she first came to Women, Work, and Community, Rowena Forbes was an in-house graphic designer working for a government agency. She always wanted to start her own  business, and with layoffs looming over  her workplace, the time was ripe to explore her dream. She launched her graphic agency Designed by  Row  (designedbyrow.com) in  May  2009 and enrolled in  Women, Work, and Community’s “Basics of Starting a Business” training in  January  2010. Rowena was downsized from her workplace in  March
2011, but she had built a base of clients and was well  underway in  growing her business  to sustain herself and her family.

More  than a designer and a businesswoman, Rowena is  a mentor and leader among Aroostook small businesses. Her   clients get more than  graphic design –  they get savvy marketing and  branding  to help them stand out as well  as confidence and support to carry out their marketing campaign. Her clients also benefit from networking and connections in  the community thanks to Row’s  knowledge and involvement in  the Aroostook County region. Rowena also gives  generously of her time and talent to Women, Work, and Community as a member of the Ambassador Club, helping organize the annual ALL for  Women conference in  Aroostook County, speaking on  Women, Work, and Community’s behalf to Rotary Club and other local organizations, and contributing her design skills to local and statewide initiatives.

On  the quest to further her dream, Rowena has returned to school, continuing her studies in  art and design.  Her  focus  and fortitude  she credits partially to a blog, Herresolution.com, that she and her sister began in 2010. Here, she and her sister encourage each other to look  to the future and dream big.