Stephanie Harp

In the spring of 2010, Stephanie Harp had been running her freelance writing business for several years, but knew she needed to get more organized and write a business plan. Two friends of hers, both New Ventures graduates and WWC Ambassadors, posted information about the next New Ventures class to their Facebook pages. The timing was perfect. In Jane Searles’ Bangor class, Stephanie found herself learning the things she’d needed but hadn’t known where to turn. She credits New Ventures with transforming her vision of her own abilities and experience, and transforming HarpWorks Writing Services (www.stephanieharp.com) into a professionally run operation that is a service for businesses, not-for-profits and individuals and a source of income, and is something she enjoys.

Stephanie’s clients benefit from her 25 years’ experience in creative writing, journalism, public relations and arts administration, and from her professional training as a researcher, historian and interviewer. As word spreads about her background and skills, new clients contact her from a range of disciplines, especially not-for-profit arts and social service organizations. She has been involved in events, organizations and activities in the Bangor area and statewide, including Maine Writers and Publishers Alliance, the Bangor Book Festival, Downtown Bangor events, and leadership training through the Bangor Region Leadership Institute. Now Stephanie is an Advisory Council member and Ambassador for Women, Work, and Community. She recently lent her story to the WWC Pay It Forward campaign, urging other alumni to donate to WWC, in recognition of what it has done for them and what it can do to help others.