Money Savings Vessels Make Dreams Come True

Written by Gigi Guyton, Southern Region Regional Manager & Microenterprise Specialist
Photo of Coin JarWhen I moved into my new home, I was struck by this large jar that was left behind by the previous owners. They had fake flowers stuck in it, but I had another idea in mind: What if I make this my newest savings vessel? In my former house, I kept an interesting tin box by the washer and dryer for loose change. When the tin box was full, I took it to a coin counting machine at a local credit union. The receipt I took to the teller yielded more than $40 in cash!
I got to wondering what this large jar might yield. This jar now represents a much needed vacation, money towards adding another bathroom to this house, or a fuel efficient vehicle to replace my gas guzzling truck.
No one carries cash anymore, but it sure seems they throw away a lot of coins. I found a quarter on the floor in the grocery store. Pennies on pathways. A nickel on the sidewalk. So instead of looking at my iPhone all the time, I’m checking floors, sidewalks, and parking lots for loose change. Between my own loose change, and everyone else’s, I hope to have this jar full before the end of next year. I cannot wait to find out how much money I will have saved.

What’s your savings vessel?

Find something intriguing that makes you want to add loose change to it. Have a couple of goals in mind for what to do with that extra cash when the vessel is full. Create a guessing game with the family on how much money the vessel might hold, and what dream it might yield.
Happy coin hunting.
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