Making the Most of Maine’s Job Fairs

Written by Sherrie Brann, Central Region Workforce Development Specialist
If you are looking for a new career, visit one of the many job fairs offered this fall. Job fairs are a great place to learn about different companies, find available positions, and to connect with employers. You can find a list of Maine CareerCenter job fairs here.

Follow these tips to make the job fair work for you:

  • Be prepared. Bring many copies of your resume to hand out, a folder to hold materials you will gather, and a pen and paper to take notes. Come to the job fair early to make sure you have enough time to talk to employers.
  • Do your research. Learn about the companies who will be at the job fair so you can visit those of interest to you. Explore their websites to become familiar with the companies. This will help you to ask focused questions during the fair.
  • Dress for success. The job fair is an opportunity to make a good first impression. Plan an outfit ahead of time that will help you feel confident and professional at the job fair. Remember to look engaged and show a positive attitude as well.
  • Be prepared with an introduction and “elevator pitch.” Introduce yourself with a firm handshake and make eye contact. Be ready to share a short statement about yourself, your background, and your skills.
  • Take notes. When you ask about next steps in applying for a position, be sure to write down the following info so you can follow up:
    • Names of the hiring staff
    • Telephone numbers of the hiring staff
    • Email addresses of the hiring staff
  • Send a thank you note. After receiving business cards from recruiters, send them written or emailed thank-you letters. This is an opportunity to remind recruiters of your attendance at the fair and to express your interest in their companies.
  • Network with other job seekers. Talk about the type of job you are interested in and take an interest in what other job seekers are looking for. You may make some important connections, and you will prove that you are a team player.

Take part in a Workshop or Class

Have you enrolled in one of our career planning classes? If you are considering a career change, our “My Next Career Move” class can help you with your next steps.
In My Next Career Move you will:

  • Learn how your current skills connect to future careers
  • Identify high-growth job fields
  • Explore education and training options
  • Strengthen your resume for a targeted job search

As one Augusta student said, “This class is helping me realize I already have a lot of skills I never thought about. Now I can include these skills on my resume and in my job interviews.”
Job fairs and classes are great places to network and find the right job for you!