New Goals for the New Year

Written by Sherrie Brann, Central Region Workforce Development Specialist
sandy beach with the word success in the sand
Goal-setting is key to building confidence and success. It is important to keep our goals realistic, even as we stretch and grow. How do we set goals we can meet in 2018?

There are several tools that can help:

  • Write it down. Writing a clear goal with a specific deadline keeps you accountable.

  • Break it up. Dividing your goal in to small steps makes it manageable.

  • Visualize it. A vivid picture of where you are going helps you stay on track when challenges arise.

  • Create an affirmation. Positive self-talk also keeps you going. State your goal in positive terms. For example, “I am enrolling in college next fall,” or “I will be hired at a new company this year.”

  • Take action. Do something every day that moves you forward. It can be as simple as reviewing your goal, your vision, and your affirmation.

  • Monitor progress. Keeping track of the steps you take toward your goal allows you to revise your plan and change your deadline if necessary.

  • Celebrate success. Rewarding yourself for accomplishing small steps along the way to your goal affirms how far you have come already. This builds your confidence to keep going.

Many of us are great at setting goals, but struggle to follow through. This year, enlist the support of a friend or colleague by sharing your goal. Also, mark your deadline on your calendar and evaluate how you did when the day arrives. Then, decide to extend your goal or to set a new one.
For high tech help, there are goal tracking apps available. Check out this post on thejobnetwork.com 5 top tracking apps for your 2018 goals. For support closer to home, join a free class near you with New Ventures Maine.