Spring into Your Local Job Fair

Written by Lisa Sweet, Southern Region Workforce Development Specialist
Two people shaking hands
Spring provides an opportunity for growth and new opportunities. If you are looking to change careers, or want to explore the local job market, a job fair is a wonderful opportunity to connect with employers and learn about job openings.

There are many benefits of attending a Job Fair:

  • You can talk face-to-face with lots of employers – depending on the fair, there could be dozens, if not one hundred, employers to meet.
  • All in one day – a job fair lasts several hours, which allows you to visit numerous employers in just one day.
  • All in one place – employers from many different locations are all in one place.
  • Free – most job fairs are free to job seekers!

How to find a job fair:

  • The Maine CareerCenter website lists upcoming Job Fairs, or you can google career fairs or job fairs in your region.
  • Some companies host private recruitment fairs and advertise on their websites. You can also google “recruitment open house,” “business open house,” or “company open house” to find private recruitment fairs.
  • Check your local newspaper for local job fair and open house advertisements.

Before the job fair:

  • Register and upload your resume, if possible.
  • Review the list of employers to decide which employers you would like to meet at the Job Fair.
  • Research employers you would like to meet at the Job Fair.
  • Create a resume targeted to each employer you would like to meet at the Job Fair.
  • Make several copies of each resume to bring to the Job Fair.
  • Practice your handshake – it should be firm, look the other person in the eye and smile.
  • Develop and practice your 30-second “elevator pitch.”
  • Prepare questions for each employer.

The day of the job fair:

  • Dress for success – wear clothes that are appropriate for the job you are seeking.
  • Be well rested and have a fresh appearance.
  • Use minimal cologne or perfume and wear conservative makeup and jewelry.
  • If nametags are available, use one – it will help recruiters put a face with a name.
  • Develop your game plan – arrive early, get a list of employers and map of the job fair to plan your route.
  • You might only have a few minutes to “wow” each recruiter, so make the conversation interesting, short, and memorable.
  • Later in the day, return to employers you are very interested in to thank them and make yourself memorable.

A previous article written by Sherrie Brann, Central Region Workforce Development Specialist, outlines tips for Making a Job Fair Work for You.
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