Supporting Encore Entrepreneurs

Our Microenterprise Specialists have supported over 200 encore entrepreneurs exploring self-employment opportunities through the AARP Foundation’s Work for Yourself@50+ program. The AARP Foundation has provided support for NVME to deliver the program in Maine since 2016. Older adults joining the program assess their skills, gain knowledge, and connect with resources to make an informed decision about starting a business. In addition to attending the workshop, participants receive a self-paced workbook to help them explore their options and to assess if self-employment will help reach their goals and contribute to their household income.

In 2021, the AARP Foundation launched Work for Yourself@50+: Taking the Next Steps. This expanded program builds upon the exploration of self-employment and provides individualized assessment, advising and business training to entrepreneurs ready to implement their business ideas. Entrepreneurs in the planning and start-up phase are referred to topic-specific workshops and longer business classes to plan for success.

Feedback from participants:

 “I am trying to plan for the future and this workshop is exactly what I needed to support my plans.”

“I love the workbook- it really helps define and set the stage for your business.”

For more information and to register for the next Work for Yourself @50+ offering go to our website, or contact Microenterprise Specialist, Karleen Andrews  at karleen.andrews@maine.edu