Empowering Single Mothers For Career and Financial Success

Souza receiving her certificate (L to R: Lisa Sweet, Souza (class participant), Karen Garland, Charles Mugabe (Catholic Charities)

Working together to empower single mothers in transition in York County, New Ventures Maine recently joined with Catholic Charities Maine to launch Career Success for Single Moms, a class for women temporarily housed in Saco while completing immigration to the U.S. The inaugural class was generously funded by Women United, a United Way of Southern Maine giving circle.

In six class sessions over three weeks, NVME workforce specialists Lisa Sweet and Karen Garland worked with interpreters to bridge language barriers and teach skills for career advancement and personal growth. Topics covered included building confidence, job search strategies, resume writing, and essential budgeting knowledge. This holistic approach would equip class participants to navigate the job market and personal finance management.

An additional motivator for attending the class was the community of single mothers interested in learning and making progress together in a safe and compassionate environment.

The culmination of Career Success for Single Moms was a special ceremony held in March. Class participants joined with peers from the Associated General Contractors (AGC) program for a graduation celebration, which both marked the class completion and also served as tribute to the beginning of new chapters in their lives.

New Ventures Maine will continue supporting class participants through individual coaching sessions. Individualized guidance will assist each participant in setting goals for the future and creating an action plan to achieve them.

“We are thrilled to continue our work with women in one-on-one coaching sessions and we look forward to their future successes,” said Lisa Sweet.

Catholic Charities Maine, with its long-standing tradition of serving Maine’s most vulnerable since 1966, offers a wide array of services and remains committed to providing help, hope, and justice for all Mainers, irrespective of their faith.

New Ventures Maine empowers Maine people to define and achieve their career, self-employment and financial goals.

This project is an example of what can be achieved when organizations unite with a common purpose. Through the class, New Ventures Maine and Catholic Charities Maine are not only teaching skills, they are building community and changing lives.