Anne Schink – South Portland


Photo Credit: Chris Bennett

40 Stories for 40 Years – Profilee 1

In 2009, Anne had recently retired and was trying to figure out how to start anew.  When she heard about New Ventures Maine’s (then known as Women, Work, and Community) business programs, she decided to enroll.  Her goal was to become an independent consultant to nonprofit organizations and needed support moving forward.

During the course, she assessed her skills, gauged her competition, prepared marketing materials, and developed a business plan. “It helped me to refine my pitch and to target those organizations with whom I already had good working relationships. This plan worked really well,” she shares.

Anne SchinkThrough the course, she came to accept that working with nonprofits was not going to make her rich.  However, she knew that focusing on the independent sector would build on her strengths and experience. So, she moved forward by designing and conducting workshops for nonprofit organizations on best practices in volunteer management.  Anne also assisted nonprofit boards in organizational development and facilitated large groups and task forces. During this time, she shares, “I was honored to serve as a NVME Ambassador to spread the word about their programs from 2010 – 2012.”

Community service has always been Anne’s priority. In retirement, Anne is an active volunteer. “My career—first as a volunteer, then as a paid employee, then as a consultant, and now as a volunteer—has brought me full circle,” she says.

When reflecting on her time with NVME, Anne explains, “The New Ventures Maine program encouraged me to confront who I am as a person, who I want to be in the marketplace, and what success looks like. The support from the NVME staff made this honest assessment possible.”