Clay Theberge – Topsham

Clay standing on her front porch with a yellow coffee cup smiling.

A New Path Forward

Clay Theberge came to New Ventures Maine after the dissolution of a family business.  Moving forward, she needed to devise a plan that would allow her to raise her family.

Clay decided to return to school to earn a nursing degree. Healthcare always interested her, and the field had positive job outlooks. While she was in school she waitressed to support her family. “While I was going through this process, the idea of completing school seemed so far away. Owning a home seemed like a long shot.”

Creating a Plan for the Future

A coworker suggested Clay reach out to New Ventures Maine. There she learned about the Family Development Account matched savings program.

She started saving for a home and enrolled in My Money Works. “This class changed my life,” says Clay. “I learned how to believe in myself and my ability to be financially secure.”

Clay graduated from nursing school and returned to New Ventures Maine for help with a resume. When she landed a full-time nursing job, she started looking for a home. After looking at many homes, she found her dream house. “As soon as I walked into the door, I knew it was my home.”

The financing went smoothly, thanks to Clay’s savings and matching funds from the Family Development Account program. “Realizing this dream was possible through hard work, the support of family and friends, and New Ventures Maine.”

Giving Back

New Ventures Maine gave Clay the skills, confidence, and support to achieve her goals. Through classes and networking, she was able to plan for a sustainable future. “The dedicated people at New Ventures Maine are part of a support network as my life events and opportunities change and grow,” said Clay.

Clay volunteers as an Ambassador for New Ventures Maine to give back to the programs that invested in her. “New Ventures Maine changed my life. I believe it can strengthen the economic landscape for other Maine families.”

Clay advocates for New Ventures Maine funding by talking with and writing to her elected representatives.  She also spreads the word about the programs that New Venture Maine offers. “If I hear someone talking about writing a resume, making a career change, starting or growing a business, or managing money, I immediately direct them to New Ventures Maine.”

To others following in her footsteps, Clay urges: “Make a commitment to yourself. Dream, believe, manifest. Then help others do the same.”