Congratulations, Lara Gordon!

On May 18th, Lara Gordon will be awarded her Associates of Applied Science Degree in Occupational Therapy Assistant from Kennebec Valley Community College (KVCC).  Lara will begin a new career providing comprehensive OT services under the supervision of an Occupational Therapist.

Lara’s path to a new career started more two years ago when she came to WWC to learn more about her finances in the My Money Works class.  Although she had a job and paid her bills on time, she didn’t know the details about her credit, especially student loans and the interest.  Inspired by the class, she tackled her financial paperwork and created a detailed system to clear up confusion and keep herself on track.

Feeling more confident and clear about her financial position, Lara enrolled in Creating Your Future.  She had long been working in direct care with people with intellectual disabilities and mental health challenges and was ready to try further education to expand her career options. Two things about the class made all the difference to her regarding her future:

1)    Group learning: “The class setting provided a forum, a setting for reflection and feedback.  One classmate in particular confirmed my passion and encouraged me to go into Occupational Therapy.”

2)    The Career Plan: “We were given the information to be able to complete the plan and the facilitator reviewed it and held me to it.  Within two weeks I had done all my paperwork to enter the Occupational Therapy Assistant program at KVCC.  I was ready. I still have my plan.”

 Lara entered KVCC in September 2011. She had several service learning opportunities applying her learning and increasing her skills, as well as providing work experience for which she has been commended.  She purposely chose work settings that pushed her comfort zone and that would help her to be well-rounded. Because of her experience and education, Lara confidently looks forward to working with people of all ages, and she is especially committed to early intervention with children. Congratulations and Happy Graduation!