Faye Nicholson – Waterville


Photo Credit: Chris Bennett

40 Stories for 40 Years – Profilee 10

As the Co-Executive Director of REM (Revitalizing the Energy in Maine), Faye has made it her mission to connect individuals and nonprofits in Central Maine. “Connectedness is what helps people live a long life,” says Faye.  Since 1996, REM has been “…building Consensual Democracy, engaging individuals with their local communities,” she shares.

Faye Faye came to NVME (then Women, Work, and Community) in 1996 looking for guidance.  When she learned about Susan Allein’s Women Making a Difference class at NVME, she decided to enroll.  “Susan was my mentor. She invited me to talk about me,” Faye reflects. This was a new experience for Faye who was used to providing support to others.  

At first, Faye feared she wouldn’t fit in the class because of her background.  Her work in the class helped her realize that she had been climbing big hills throughout her life and that she had persevered regardless of the challenges. “Knowing I can help people by sharing that approach to life has a big impact on my work at REM,” Faye shares.  

Faye has appreciated working with over 5,000 people throughout her career.  She feels that “seeing people’s dedication and watching their dreams come true” has been one of her biggest joys. Her biggest challenge throughout her career was staying focused.  She says, “I had to learn to use the skills I have instead of struggling to provide skills I don’t have.”

Now Faye is looking forward to a new future for REM, but for herself as well.  In January of 2021, Faye will be stepping down as Co-Director of REM. In preparation, Faye is working with REM to create a strong succession plan including a REM membership campaign to build an even stronger REM with the intent of replicating REM in communities across Maine.

Faye’s advice to anyone entering the workforce: “Talk to New Ventures Maine! They can help you be what you want to be.”

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