Jean Szczepanski – Caribou

Jean2Jean Szczepanski has a relationship with Women, Work, and Community that spans 15 years. Backthen, Jean looked to WWC Bath/Brunswick for support during the divorce process.  WWC was able to provide that support through classes in communication and self-esteem.

Jean decided to return to Aroostook to be closer to family. Jean reached out to WWC again when she arrived in Presque Isle, looking for regional job search information and advice.  She took WWC’s online career planning course in 2012. In addition to helping identify strengths and skills, “the online course helped me build courage to then take a college level computer class,” says Jean, who is currently enrolled in her second college course.

In 2013, Jean went to the CareerCenter to get more information about job availability and landed a receptionist position there, where she worked for one year.  Jean currently works as an Administrative Assistant to the Director of the new Aroostook Aspirations Initiative project and has plans to take more college classes to build her skills and keep her a marketable candidate in the current labor market.

Jean recently enrolled in the upcoming My Money Works financial workshop series offered by WWC, proclaiming, “now it’s time to face reality and plan for my financial future.”  She is truly a role model for how to take consistent steps forward to build strength and independence and proves that learning is lifelong.