Jenna Spear – Wiscasset

Jenna Spear and her daughter.Doing Things Differently

Jenna Spear first found New Ventures Maine in 2011. She met with a career counselor to re-assess her professional life.

Challenges in the 9 to 5 work world due to the economic situation caused her to lose her brick and mortar jobs twice. After being twice burned, Jenna says, “I decided to do things a little differently.”

Beginnings & Endings

Jenna met with a business counselor to open her first small business, Zelda’s Biscuit Bakery. “From day one, New Ventures Maine and their counselors have been great sounding boards. They helped me carefully think out, organize, and take my next actions.”

In 2014, Jenna decided to close her first venture. The business was growing, but making each treat by hand was taking its toll. The business model was difficult while caring for her one-year-old daughter. “It was a tough decision. I’m still thankful for the relationships and skills the business helped me build.”

Branching Out

Jenna branched out and started a vintage Etsy shop, Sweet Petunia Vintage. The shop has become more successful each month and year since opening in 2014.

In 2016, Jenna added yet another business. The Candid Capture provides family and child photography, photography for small business, and real estate photography.

Jenna is now a mom to two little ones. Her two businesses have become full-time ventures.

Jenna says, “The businesses give me the flexibility to spend more time with my kids while providing the financial support that we need.”

Believe in Yourself

Jenna advises aspiring entrepreneurs to “Do what you love. Make sure you do something you’re passionate about.”

Even when the going gets rough, Jenna says, “Work harder when things are slow. Uncertainty can be frustrating at times and invigorating at others. Believe in yourself and know when to admit that your current strategy is not working.”