Jill Beaulieu- Frenchville

Jill Doucette Portrait with camera

Becoming a Successful Entrepreneur

Jill Beaulieu has had a long-term relationship with NVME. She first reached out to NVME in 2001, signing up to take a pro se divorce class. Through the years, Jill took classes in the areas of financial literacy and small business development. With this training as underpinning, she opened and ran a successful photography business for 12 years. Jill describes NVME as a “fresh start”, in terms of supporting her in pursuing new

A New Direction

Although she still enjoys photography, in 2016, Jill took a job as a grant writer for Pines Health Services in Caribou. She credits NVME with helping her strengthen her self-confidence to a point that enabled her to apply for this position. Jill reflects that the new job has “opened many doors for me,” and she now has “more stable income, better self-esteem, and the opportunity to further develop her leadership skills.”  Jill’s most notable challenge has been, “adjusting her sails” to “keep positive momentum.”

A Developing Leader

Jill has served as an Ambassador for NVME for well over five years. As an Ambassador Jill has learned about state and local government and how to advocate for herself and others in support of “essential programs and policies that better our communities and our citizens, leading to economic and personal growth.” Her advice for others is, “Be willing to learn something new – whether it is about career, business or simply a hobby or interest.  Never stop learning.” Jill, herself, certainly embodies the spirit of a lifelong learner.

Updated on December 11, 2018