Kim Emerson – Brewer

Kim sitting at table in her office.

Photo Credit: Chris Bennett

40 Stories for 40 Years – Profilee 16

Kim participated in New Ventures Maine’s My Money Works class at a pivotal point in her life.  She was in the middle of a divorce and struggling to afford her home. “In addition to the emotional turmoil that situations like this can bring, I was facing financial insecurity. I was greatly concerned about being able to make ends meet on my own, so I turned to the internet to find a class on financial literacy,” she shares.

After a bit of searching, Kim discovered NVME.  She explains, “I’m so glad I found New Ventures Maine. Not only did I find a class to help me muddle through intimidating financial matters, but it was also free!”  In the class, she began identifying ways she could meet her financial goals.

Kim knew she wanted to figure out a way to refinance her home and become more financially secure.  As she put numbers on paper and learned about her options, she was able to develop a plan to keep her home. “I was able to accomplish this and I don’t believe it would have been possible without New Ventures Maine & the MMW trainer, SarahJoy.  The credit union was impressed that I was working with NVME and I know it helped bolster my ability to get the new loan.”

Even though she didn’t fully know what to expect when she enrolled in the class, she is happy she did. Today, Kim continues to work on her budget and take steps towards her savings goals. She asserts, “I think everyone person should take this course. It gave me such a feeling of independence and success. I would recommend the program to everyone!”

ClassDateProgram AreaLocationRegion
Budgeting Basics2019-08-21 August 21, 2019Manage your MoneyBoothbay HarborMidcoast
My Money Works2019-07-30 July 30, 2019
(ends August 27, 2019)
Manage your MoneyONLINEStatewide
Budgeting Basics2019-09-17 September 17, 2019Manage your MoneyLewistonWestern
You and Your Budget2019-09-23 September 23, 2019Manage your MoneyONLINEStatewide
My Money Works2019-09-05 September 05, 2019
(ends September 26, 2019)
Manage your MoneyBangorNorth Central/Downeast
Let’s Talk About Credit2019-09-26 September 26, 2019Manage your MoneyONLINEStatewide
My Money Works2019-09-04 September 04, 2019
(ends October 02, 2019)
Manage your MoneyPresque IsleNorthern
Your Money Personality2019-10-03 October 03, 2019Manage your MoneyLewistonWestern
Your Money Personality2019-10-03 October 03, 2019Manage your MoneyEllsworthNorth Central/Downeast
My Money Works2019-09-24 September 24, 2019
(ends October 15, 2019)
Manage your MoneyCamdenMidcoast
Budgeting Basics2019-10-16 October 16, 2019Manage your MoneyLewistonWestern
Clean Up Your Credit2019-10-21 October 21, 2019Manage your MoneyBethelWestern
Budgeting Basics2019-10-22 October 22, 2019Manage your MoneyMexicoWestern
Your Money Personality2019-10-22 October 22, 2019Manage your MoneyTurnerWestern
My Money Works2019-09-26 September 26, 2019
(ends October 24, 2019)
Manage your MoneyAugustaCentral
Clean Up Your Credit2019-10-29 October 29, 2019Manage your MoneyMexicoWestern
My Money Works2019-10-02 October 02, 2019
(ends October 30, 2019)
Manage your MoneyFarmingtonWestern
Your Money Personality2019-11-05 November 05, 2019Manage your MoneyMexicoWestern
Your Money Personality2019-11-07 November 07, 2019Manage your MoneyOxfordWestern
Budgeting Basics2019-11-07 November 07, 2019Manage your MoneyEllsworthNorth Central/Downeast
Your Money Personality2019-11-13 November 13, 2019Manage your MoneyLewistonWestern
Clean Up Your Credit2019-11-14 November 14, 2019Manage your MoneyOxfordWestern
Budgeting Basics2019-11-21 November 21, 2019Manage your MoneyOxfordWestern
My Money Works2019-10-29 October 29, 2019
(ends November 26, 2019)
Manage your MoneyONLINEStatewide
Let’s Talk About Credit2019-12-05 December 05, 2019Manage your MoneyEllsworthNorth Central/Downeast
My Money Works2019-11-18 November 18, 2019
(ends December 09, 2019)
Manage your MoneyLewistonWestern