Robyn Wiley – South Portland

Robyn sitting on couch

Photo Credit: Chris Bennett

40 Stories for 40 Years – Profilee 30

Robyn came to New Ventures Maine to enhance her business skills. She is an Author, Life Coach, Mindfulness Teacher, Reiki Master, Speaker, and Workshop Leader. Through Venturing Forth, NVME’s 60-hour business planning course, she learned how to channel her passions into a business.

Robyn standing by a tree.During the class, the Venturing Forth trainer also encouraged participants to enroll in NVME’s My Money Works class. Robyn signed up immediately. Through the class, Robyn learned skills that would support her self-employment and personal goals. She shares, “I learned more about how to be a more careful consumer. I also learned how to make my money work better for me in my personal and professional life.”

After completing the classes, Robyn decided to sign up for both the Family Development Account and Rainy Days Savings Account matched savings programs. Having access to these programs provide a sense of security for Robyn. “These programs are a huge help and stress reducer as I go about caring for my son and building my business,” she says.

As a result of working with NVME, Robyn shares, “I have a better handle on my business and am doing things from a more efficient and lower stress place!” Now, Robyn continues coaching clients. She is also expanding awareness about her book and teaching workshops in the realm of personal development.