Susan Maley – Stockholm

Susan leaning on her counter smiling

Photo Credit: Chris Bennett

40 Stories for 40 Years – Profilee 23

In 2016, Susan began thinking about opening a quilting shop in Northern Maine.  At that time, she was unemployed and collecting unemployment insurance for the first time in her life. When she saw a flyer for Venturing Forth, New Ventures Maine’s 12-week business planning course, she decided to turn her dream into a reality.

Susan feels that Venturing Forth had a direct impact on her life. “It gave me the tools and knowledge to go through the necessary process,” she shares. The class took her outside of her comfort zone – pushing her to take action.

Susan standing in front of her fabric Susan opened Aroostook Stitches in Caribou in April 2017.  She has created a business that caters to quilters throughout Northern Maine and Canada. She offers quality quilting supplies and informative classes to new and experienced quilters.

Although she is “still learning,” Susan asserts that she has reached the two goals that she set for herself.  One – to open a quilt supply store, and two – to create a successful business.

With her typical good sense of humor, Susan points out that her biggest challenge is purchasing her own products.  “I need to practice more self-control and quit shopping,” she jokes.

This new business owner is proud of her accomplishments and “grateful for all of it.” Her advice to other new or budding entrepreneurs – “Inhale. Exhale. Breathe. Slow down…and, take a New Ventures Maine class!”

ClassDateProgram AreaLocationRegion
Business Basics2020-06-02 June 02, 2020
(ends June 16, 2020)
Start a BusinessONLINE DaytimeStatewide
Work for Yourself@50+2020-06-17 June 17, 2020Start a BusinessONLINE EveningStatewide
Introduction to Self-Employment2020-06-18 June 18, 2020Start a BusinessONLINE DaytimeStatewide
Tax Readiness for the Self-Employed2020-06-23 June 23, 2020Start a BusinessONLINE DaytimeStatewide
Main Street Rise: Grow Your Business Online2020-05-01 May 01, 2020
(ends December 31, 2020)
Start a BusinessONLINE AnytimeStatewide