Lindsey Bourassa – South Portland

Lindsey Bourassa performing 1

Photographs by Arthur Fink; used with his permission.

Venturing Forth the Foundation

In 2013, I took New Ventures Maine’s Venturing Forth taught by Gigi Guyton. This course laid the foundation for what has become Bourassa Dance – my flamenco arts company based in Portland, ME and now my full-time work.

After completing the course, I opened a flamenco arts studio in Portland called Bourassa Dance Studio where I teach flamenco dance classes and organize events, performances, and guest workshops with national and international artists. The studio is also my creative space, where I create my artistic work as a performing flamenco artist. I have been able to teach and perform my work throughout Maine and New England at schools, colleges, and theaters.

Return to Sevilla to Study and Teach

This past winter, thanks to the FDA matched savings program at New Ventures Maine, I travelled back to Sevilla. There I studied with flamenco artists Miguel Vargas, La Choni, and Ursula Lopez, among others. While in Sevilla, I was given the opportunity to teach an Intro to Flamenco class at Centro de Arte y Flamenco de Sevilla. The skills and knowledge I gained over these months pushed me to new heights and enriched my knowledge as an artist and teacher tremendously.

Once back in Maine, I debuted my newest performance El Lobo y La Paloma, on June 3, 2017 at South Portland Auditorium. This work is a story about the loss of a loved one told through all-original flamenco dance, Arabic music, poetry, and imagery.  It is the result of an artistic collaboration with many wonderful artists.

This is what drives me.

My work takes continuous focus and perseverance. I did not choose the easiest or most stable course. But, it is what I love and what drives me. New Ventures Maine has given me the tools, support and courage to nourish this venture and to truly believe anything is possible.

Lindsey performing 2Lindsey performing 3Lindsey Bourassa dancing 3