Empowering Single Mothers For Career and Financial Success

Working together to empower single mothers in transition in York County, New Ventures Maine recently joined with Catholic Charities Maine to launch Career Success for Single Moms, a class for women temporarily housed in Saco while completing immigration to the U.S.

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Living Within Your Means

Written by Sherrie Brann, Central Region Workforce Specialist Living “within your means” is basically spending less than you earn. In today’s society, it is easy to develop a lifestyle of living beyond our means. This can be due to easy access to credit cards and loans or not paying close attention to our spending. Eventually, this lifestyle leads to financial stress, which is why many of us would like to …

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Finances Through the Ages

We asked two financial education graduates to share their thoughts after completing their class. Lea & Joan have 88 years of experience together and 5 decades of difference between their ages. Let’s hear what they had to share after participating in the class!   Lea Machnitzky, age 19: I learned about the class when I picked up an Adult Education catalog. I saw this great free opportunity to learn more …

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Holiday Time: Financial North Star

  The Urban Dictionary defines the North Star as “something that is constant and dependable in an ever-changing world.” What if we considered the holidays our financial North Star?   Consider the values that guide spending at holiday time: A desire to be generous. To live joyfully within your means. A commitment to shopping with intention. Seeking opportunities to be creative: homemade gifts given from the heart! Enjoying free resources in your …

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Reading the Signs: Charting Your Course   

  How do you know where your path will take you if you can’t find your path?  Just as you read the signs to stay on a trail, having a plan helps you reach your goals.   Your career plan guides you through the many opportunities and challenges in finding a job, developing a long-term career that you love, and continually developing your skills and experience.   Your business plan …

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It Takes Time: Action Planning for Change   

  As we conclude our spring Creating Your Future class in Brunswick with a strong cohort of career changers working on their action plans, we spent a considerable amount of time in this class discussing how to overcome obstacles.   Obstacles ranged from “learn the plants of Zone 5B” (from a budding horticulturalist) to “find resources to fund my education” (voiced by many who need further training to pursue a …