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Spring Small Business Strategy

Written by Karleen Andrews, Western Region Microenterprise Specialist   Does your business feel like it is just coming out of hibernation? Over the winter, perhaps you had your collar turned up against the extremes of high operating expenses and lower revenues. Now, you are hungry for sales, and you may turn in any direction to find them. This is a great time to evaluate the business, develop a plan and …

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Dealing with Disappointment

  You set your goals. You take steps towards action. Yet it doesn’t turn out as you hoped.   What do you do?   One of the biggest challenges in sustaining your confidence and building resilience is dealing with disappointment.   Whether you are going after your dream job, putting yourself and your ideas forward at work and in other leadership roles, running for political office, or closing the sale, …

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Reading the Signs: Charting Your Course   

  How do you know where your path will take you if you can’t find your path?  Just as you read the signs to stay on a trail, having a plan helps you reach your goals.   Your career plan guides you through the many opportunities and challenges in finding a job, developing a long-term career that you love, and continually developing your skills and experience.   Your business plan …