New Ventures Maine (NVME) can help you:

  • Learn to budget
  • Repair your credit
  • Make a savings plan

Our core financial education class:

  • My Money Works: Tools for Smart Money Choices

Other trainings:

  • Budgeting Basics
  • Clean Up Your Credit
  • Build Your Savings
  • Your Money Personality

Matched Savings Programs

Family Development Account (FDA) Program

Please note: The Federal FDA program offers a limited number of accounts per year.

The Federal FDA Program offers a matched savings account for income-eligible individuals and families who want to save money to:

  • Buy a home
  • Pay for education or training
  • Start or expand a small business

Maine FDAs: The match for the following asset goals is provided by the Maine Department of  Health and Human Services Office for Family Independence and accounts require a minor child in the household:

  • Home purchase
  • Home repair
  • Vehicle purchase
  • Vehicle repair
  • Emergency savings

Both Federal and Maine funded FDA programs match each dollar you deposit (up to $1,000) in your FDA with $4 from public funding and private donors. It also gives you guidance on how to save and manage your money effectively, how to build good credit, and how to reach your goal.

FDAs are for individuals and families with household income under 200% of the Federal Poverty Level. Those eligible for TANF or the Earned Income Tax Credit usually qualify.  The program has a household asset limit and a training requirement.

FDA Income Eligibility 2017

FDA Questions and Answers 2017

 For more information or to apply for the FDA program, contact your regional NVME office or call Jean at 207-621-3434.

Rainy Day Savings Account

The Rainy Day Savings Account (RDSA) Program offers a matched savings account for income-eligible individuals and families who want to save money to pay for unexpected emergency expenses. This program matches each dollar you deposit in your RDSA, up to $300, with $1 from private donors.

Rainy Day Savings Account Income Eligibility 2017

Rainy Day Savings Account Questions and Answers 2017

ClassDateProgram AreaLocationRegion
My Money Works2017-10-30 October 30, 2017
(ends November 27, 2017)
Manage your MoneyPresque IsleNorthern
Your Money Personality2017-11-28 November 28, 2017Manage your MoneyMexicoWestern
My Money Works2017-11-07 November 07, 2017
(ends November 28, 2017)
Manage your MoneyOxfordWestern
My Money Works2017-11-14 November 14, 2017
(ends December 05, 2017)
Manage your MoneyCamdenMidCoast
My Money Works2018-01-09 January 09, 2018
(ends February 06, 2018)
Manage your MoneySouth ortlandSouthern
My Money Works2018-01-10 January 10, 2018
(ends February 07, 2018)
Manage your MoneySacoSouthern