Why do I need to have good credit if I don’t want to borrow money?

Lenders and others see good credit as an indicator of character. Yes – it’s not just about the money, but how we handle our finances. Having good credit can save us money by reducing interest rates on loans and credit cards, but it can also help in other areas of our lives. Who might want to look at my credit report?

  • Potential employers (especially if I will be handling their money!)
  • Insurance companies will give me a better rate if my credit is good
  • Potential landlords want to know how I handle my money
  • Utilities will charge less to set up my service if my credit is good

These companies will be more interested in your credit history than your credit score. To get a free copy of your three credit reports go to www.annualcreditreport.com. You can request them online, by phone, or by mail.