Before You Jump Into the Job Search…

career_puzzle1…take these steps:

Identify your thoughts, fears, and frustrations around your former job and acquiring a new job.

Examine your financial needs.  Who can you turn to for help and support? What programs are available in your community? Are you eligible for unemployment benefits?

Conduct a self-assessment. Take stock of your interests, skills, abilities, and experiences.  Are there common themes? What did you like best and what did you like the least in your past work experiences?

Make a list of strategies that are realistic for you.  How about updating your resume?  Who can you talk to for job leads?  What agencies have you registered with for help with your work search? Volunteering is a good way to develop skills and stay engaged in the world of work.  For your job search, go beyond the web-get out in your community!

Set timelines for activities daily, weekly, and throughout the month that fit with your employment goals. Each activity you commit to, and each new day, will bring you closer to new employment. Time to take action!

Before you jump into the job search remember: losing your job can be difficult on many levels.  Acknowledge that and then reflect on the changes you are experiencing before you market yourself for new employment.

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