Have you visited your local farmers’ market lately? The service is friendly and the food is fresh!

Photos from Farmers Market in Augusta

Photos taken at Farmers’ Market at Mill Park

Farmers markets provide agricultural education, healthy food, and money spent at farmers markets stays in the local economy.  Farmers selling locally create jobs and draw customers to area businesses, making this growing trend a win-win for communities.
Everyone is welcome! You don’t have to be a “foodie” to enjoy the nutritious selection at the farmers’ market.  Many people come primarily to meet the farmers who grow their food, and the farmers are glad to talk shop. In fact, most are eager to give advice on sustainable, organic farming methods.  There is a myth that farmers markets are more costly than grocery stores, but for organic produce, it turns out they tend to be less expensive.
Farmers are also glad to give back to their communities. There are currently 35 farmers’ markets participating in the Maine Harvest Bucks SNAP bonus programs to make Maine-produced foods more accessible to low-income shoppers.  Last year was the first year Maine markets were using USDA funds for their nutrition incentives, and they helped in providing more than $70,000 in bonus produce to Maine families last year.
Shopping at local farmers markets is good for your wallet, good for your health, and good for your community.

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