Moving Forward with Confidence   


Sometimes the hardest hurdle to overcome in facing your finances, searching for a job, or starting your business is the fear of NO.
  • Why are you nervous about negotiating money? What if you don’t get what you want?
  • Why are you hesitant to submit your resume and follow up with a potential employer? What if you don’t get picked for an interview?
  • Why are you insecure about pitching your business idea to a lender, even when you have prepared your plan and know your product and your market? What if they say no?

When your life is in an active state of transition, making positive steps is often uncomfortable.
Moving towards your goals feels good in theory, but actually making progress takes you out of your comfort zone and into uncertainty. What can you do?

Embrace The Possibility of Rejection 

Courage comes not only from confidence and experience, but also from acceptance that you don’t always get what you want. If you’re unwilling to hear no, you won’t ask the question – in your job search, in your business, in volunteer positions and community leadership, or in any situation in your life.

Statistics vary, telling us that anywhere from 2% to 20% of job applicants for a given position get an interview. Lending approval rates for business, home, and other consumer loans can range from 11% to 21%.
In each situation, your preparation – a targeted resume and cover letter, good networking and follow-up, a sound financial plan – increases your probability of approval. But even when you put your best foot forward and plan for success – and especially when you stretch for what you really want – you are likely get a NO about 50% of the time.
If you keep pursuing opportunities with passion and confidence, you will get to the YES that is a perfect fit for you. It takes effort to put yourself forward, expecting the best but knowing it could go either way, and to move beyond rejection with grace and persistence.

Rejection just means “not yet,” or “not quite the perfect fit,” or “onto the next opportunity.” Embrace the possibility, and move forward to success.
~The NVME MidCoast Team