It’s Never Too Late


Have you been thinking about finishing your college degree?

Going back to school can be hard. It can mean balancing work, family, school, and homework. Even with these challenges, it is worth it. Click here to read more.
1-in-5 Mainers over age 24 have college credits but have not earned a degree. If the cost of tuition is holding you back, there are resources available to help you pay for school.  MEOC provides free workshops to help you understand the admissions and financial aid process.
Most colleges offer Prior Learning Assessment so you can earn credits for your life experience. Read about students that have used this method to help them finish their degree.

Take the next step and explore these resources to help you pay for college:

Free Application for Federal Student Aid
Fill out the FAFSA to find out if you qualify for grants, work-study, and student loans.
Finance Authority of Maine’s Military Education Benefits
FAME provides information about the GI Bill and other tuition assistance for veterans.
Adult Degree Completion Scholarship
If you have more than 30 credit hours and a gap of 3 years or more since you last attended college, this scholarship can provide up to $4,000 per year. Next Deadline: December 1, 2016
Scholarships for Adult Learners
The Maine Community Foundation provides links to 21 different scholarships for non-traditional students in Maine.
Competitive Skills Scholarship
This program is open to Maine residents enrolling in certificate programs, 2 year, and 4 year degrees leading to high-wage, in demand occupations.
Next Step Maine Scholarship
These scholarships are given to working adults who are going to school while managing jobs, families, and other responsibilities. Scholarships are only available for employees of Next Step Maine Employers.
KVCC Foundation Scholarship
These scholarships are given to students who have financial need but are not eligible for grants, allowing them to focus on their academic and career goals.
Gilda E. Nardone Scholarship
Graduates of New Ventures Maine’s Career Planning or Venturing Forth classes may apply for a scholarship of up to $1,000 towards tuition, fees, and books for University of Maine Augusta classes on campus or at University College centers.
You can find more college scholarships using the Finance Authority of Maine online Scholarship Search Tool.
Contact New Ventures Maine today for assistance with your career plan, including finding financial resources for returning to college.