Holiday Time: Financial North Star


The Urban Dictionary defines the North Star as “something that is constant and dependable in an ever-changing world.” What if we considered the holidays our financial North Star?


Consider the values that guide spending at holiday time:

  1. A desire to be generous.
  2. To live joyfully within your means.
  3. A commitment to shopping with intention.
  4. Seeking opportunities to be creative: homemade gifts given from the heart!
  5. Enjoying free resources in your community to enrich your family’s life.

The holidays are often framed as a time when we spend more than we should and run around in a frenzy. What if, instead, we embraced the spirit of the season as an opportunity to stay true to ourselves and our financial North Star? What if we started by approaching the holiday season guided by the values above? Could these values spill over into all times of the year?


During the holidays we have a moment to reflect on our values. As we think about how our values relate to our spending, perhaps keeping our holiday spirit all year would be a starting place as we traverse the financial landscapes of our lives.


Ayn Rand said, “Money is only a tool. It will take you wherever you wish, but it will not replace you as the driver.”  So, having constant and dependable signposts that guide us along the way is important. Why not let your financial signposts in this holiday time be those that guide you throughout the year?

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