Need to Bring in Extra Money? It’s Spring – Consider a Garage or Yard Sale!

Written by Suzanne Senechal-Jandreau, Northern Region Workforce Specialist and Regional Manager
There’s a trend in Maine communities – city and town-wide yard sales. Yard and garage sales are great opportunities for you to not only get rid of what you do not use anymore and make space in your home and living areas, but also to bring extra money into your household.

Tips For a Good Yard/Garage Sale:

  • If you have not used something for 1 year or more – consider selling it.
  • Price items reasonably, but leave some room for negotiation. People who consider themselves expert thrift shoppers often enjoy the art of negotiation.
  • If you are selling clothing – make sure it is clean and wrinkle free. Try to find some place or some way to hang it, and display like sizes together.
  • Categorize items together and display accordingly for easier shopping (e.g. books, toys, movies, housewares, etc.).
  • Consider collaborating with a neighbor or another family or two to make your sale more appealing when you advertise.
  • Plan for rain or other inclement weather – using tarps, a garage, or having some tents on hand to avoid canceling your sale once advertised.
  • Take advantage of any community-wide yard sales. By paying a small fee, you can typically get listed on their marketing materials and have a place on their map.

Set a goal for how much you want to earn, and have a plan for how to use the money you earn.

New Ventures Maine encourages people to consider saving, even in small amounts, to plan for future expenses. You may want to consider saving a portion, or even all, of your income from your sale. Or, you may want to pay down debt. Making a plan beforehand removes the temptation to spend without considering the best use for what you earn from your sale.
So, with spring in the air, check out your community calendars to see if a community-wide yard sale is available in your back yard, or partner with some other families in your community and plan your own!
If you are interested in learning more about managing your money, check out our tuition-free workshops and trainings!