Finances Through the Ages

We asked two financial education graduates to share their thoughts after completing their class. Lea & Joan have 88 years of experience together and 5 decades of difference between their ages. Let’s hear what they had to share after participating in the class!

Lea Machnitzky Lea Machnitzky, age 19:

I learned about the class when I picked up an Adult Education catalog. I saw this great free opportunity to learn more about a subject that I was very naive about. Living on my own for the first time and being financially independent made me quickly realize that there were gaps in my knowledge.


From the first day, the class offered an incredibly open environment. Everyone’s financial positions were accepted. Over the course of the class, I was able to get a thorough idea of what I needed to be able to have a secure financial future. I was also able to learn what having a secure financial future really meant.


Learning from the different and more experienced perspectives of my classmates in the class was something I loved. I never felt left behind. We were all engaged and genuinely supportive of each other. Money can be a tough thing to talk about and address!


The class allowed me to take a breath and realize I’m taking a step in the right direction. I went out on the last day of class and opened three new savings accounts. Each of my savings accounts has a purpose and a consistent realistic plan on how to contribute to them.


Joan PeckJoan Peck, age 69:


Before taking the class, my attitude toward money and my lack of openness to seeking help were shame-based. I am an older woman and felt that I should have known better. My financial resources and money management skills were also limited.


The class was timely and added the hope that there is a concrete path to successful money management. The use of affirmations lifted the shame from my shoulders. The affirmations framed the learning experience as something manageable and freeing. I was able to build a clear understanding of my financial resources, debts, and expenses in this class. This foundation will help me address various financial issues as they arise.


As a retired person, it has taken me a long time to feel more capable in the area of managing money and assets. These were not lessons that I learned as a young person. Anxiety and fear were frequent companions and negatively affected my financial status.


“Better late than never” now defines my perspective and outlook. I am now in charge of my money because of conscious budgeting and understanding of finances.  I learned not to discard them because I do not understand the jargon and to carefully read whatever financial notices I receive. Limited financial resources will not define my worth.