Mission Possible: The Importance and Power of the Small Business Mission Statement

Written by Jenn Dobransky, MidCoast Microenterprise Specialist
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Loving & Knowing

Doing what you love and what you know is the starting point for any small business. The exercise of creating a solid mission or vision statement for your business starts with the loving and knowing.
Articulating the direction and goals of your business, and doing so in a paragraph or less, sounds like an easy thing to accomplish. While this is very simple for some, for others, it is very challenging.

Where to Begin & Why it is Important

Don’t have a mission statement for your business yet? Chances are, you may be floundering and the lacking mission statement could very well be the reason why. If you are in operation, sit down and take some time to “noodle” what you are all about.

How do I use my Mission Statement?

To guide your brand, your mission statement should be displayed on your website and on your marketing collateral.  For your mission statement to be effective, it must be well written, concise, and clear.

What is a Good Mission Statement?

A good mission statement provides direction for daily operations and is the passion incarnate for the entrepreneur. Doing the hard work to have a solid mission statement for your small business is well worth the effort.

Review Your Current Mission Statement

Do you already have a mission statement for your business? If you do, when was the last time you reviewed it? It is important that you periodically examine your mission statement to make certain it reflects your current goals. Simply ask yourself, “is my mission statement still accurate, and does it clearly describe what I am doing in my business?
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