Celebrate Stress-Free this Holiday Season

Written by Sherrie Brann, Central Region Workforce Development Specialist 

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Most of us enjoy celebrating with our friends and families during this time. Many of us also find ourselves stressed about the added costs of the holiday season. Let’s make a plan to get more enjoyment out of our celebrations this year!

Take Inventory

Make a list of holiday items you already have on hand. When you realize you already have most of the things you need to set the holiday mood, it is easier to resist buying.

Get Organized

Stick to your budget by creating a system to track your needs and expenses. Include baking supplies, decorations, and goodies you plan to buy for holiday parties. Determine what you have to spend, and record your costs throughout the season.

Simplify Gift-Giving

This can mean keeping a simple checklist in a notebook. List the people you plan to buy gifts for and the amount you plan to spend. Record what you buy and the actual amount spent. For a more high-tech option, consider using an app such as Santa’s Bag. These apps allow you to create your shopping budget and track your purchases.

Get Creative

For personal, meaningful, and affordable decorations and gifts, consider homemade options. Explore Pinterest for crafty ideas. Also, check out this Farmer’s Almanac post Natural Decorating for Christmas. Think about your skills and create a gift from the heart. Have some Ball jars on hand? Here are 53 ideas for Gifts in a Jar. All these gifts show thoughtfulness and care without costing a lot of money.

Compare Prices

 Avoid getting swept up in “holiday sales” by doing your research before buying. There are many online sites designed to help you find the best price for a particular item. Check out this Trending Top Most article to learn more. Consider using an app to make sure you are getting the best price while in stores. For example, Shop Savvy allows you to scan a barcode and view retailers offering the best price on that item.

Focus on What Matters

By following a spending plan, you can spend less time stressing during the holidays. Spend that time enjoying the people who mean the most to you. Let’s make the holidays happy!
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