Long Cove Sea Farm Receives Marketing Mini-Grant

Abby on her boat.

Congratulations to Abby Barrows & Long Cove Sea Farm!

We are excited to announce that Abby Barrows, owner of Long Cove Sea Farm, has been selected as our fall 2017 Marketing Mini-Grant recipient in our North Central/Downeast Region!

About Abby

Abby Barrows, the owner of Long Cove Sea Farm, grew up in Stonington, ME, which has a strong waterfront culture. She has been very interested in oyster aquaculture for many years. As she studied marine biology and water quality, she became aware of the importance of maintaining a healthy marine ecosystem. She learned that oysters help with just that – adult oysters filter up to 50 gallons of water a day!

“I was drawn to oyster aquaculture because it is one of the most sustainable fishery practices. It allows me to work outside, helps to create a resilient coastal community, and cultivates conservation and education around marine environmental health,” Abby shares.

Her short-term goal is to increase her efficiency when cultivating oysters. Her long-term goals are to establish more location locations on Deer Isle and to cultivate scallops.

Abby recognizes that being self-motivated & resilient are some factors that are helping her to be successful. She is able to think on her feet – literally, “I have filled many an oyster order while working on my boat!” This has led to her having a deep appreciation for being an entrepreneur.  As she explains, “I get to work at a pace that makes sense with my life and I get to think on my feet and see direct results. The learning curve can be pretty steep sometimes and if you want it, only you can make it happen.”

Using the Grant

The $200 NVME Marketing Mini-Grant will help Abby buy an Adobe illustrator subscription. She will use this program to create images, logos, and designs for the oyster farm.  This tool will help her connect with her local market and create brand recognition. “This type of marketing will further define my oyster farm from others. It will also help Deer Isle become synonymous with sustainable and delicious oyster production,” says Abby.

Mini-Grant Criteria

New Ventures Maine’s Marketing Mini-grant criteria:

  • Having five or fewer employees
  • Gross annual sales of $250,000 or less
  • Articulating a compelling marketing project to support business growth

Interested in Applying for a Marketing Mini-Grant?

If you are interested in applying for a Marketing Mini-Grant, please contact one of our Microenterprise Specialists in your area to find out when the next competition will be held.