Finally, it’s Your Turn to Pick and Choose!

Written by Chris Davis, Western Region Workforce Specialist Idea bubble with light bulb

Right now in Maine, there are more people retiring each year than there are new workers to replace them. This imbalance is a little scary for our service providers and manufacturers. For people like you and me, this means a big increase in the number of career opportunities available. It is a mighty good time to explore and prepare for a career that suits your skills, needs, and lifestyle.

The Bright Side

Due to the current labor shortage, employers are more and more motivated to hire you. Instead of needing a bachelor’s degree for a job with decent, livable wages and benefits, there are a lot of jobs that pay well based on trainings that emphasize skills and knowledge required for a particular job function or for an interesting trade.

Examples of these types of positions can be found in healthcare, information technology (IT), manufacturing, and others. Schools, hospitals, state governments, manufacturers, IT companies, and other organizations are looking for employees with the right skills, and many offer paid skill development opportunities, such as apprenticeships.

Where to Begin

What are these jobs and how can you find them? Just follow the highlighted links and have a look. If you need some help navigating the information, give us a call and we’ll sit with you to walk through the discovery process together. Our free workshops and classes are also available across Maine – another option for exploring and preparing for a job or career of your choice.