Mid-Coast Marketing Mini-Grant Winner Announced

New Ventures Maine Midcoast Center awards Minigrant- June 2020

The Midcoast Center for New Ventures Maine awarded a marketing minigrant in the amount of $1,000.00 to CeCe Camacho.  Her business, prune is an organizing and lifestyle company helping people make space for what matters most in their lives. Services include coaching sessions/packages to help clients cultivate a mindful pruning practice in order to pare down and (re)organize and (re)design their  living spaces with a deeper focus on the “at-home” working spaces.

In response to Covid-19, CeCe plans to create value-added services  such as tele-pruning services and launch new marketing tools to promote prune and share how her services are shifting and responding in the pandemic.

Specifically, the marketing minigrant will support the launch of prune’s Instagram site, “alifepruned.” CeCe will expand prune’s offerings by launching “Conversations from the Closet,” a podcast to delve deeper into how we can make more space for what matters most in our lives.  In addition, prune will launch its “Gathering” services by providing live video-based ateliers and tea salons to create deeper community connections. prune’s first atelier which focuses on the ‘at home’ work space will launch on September 23, 2020. 

Speaking from her at-home office in Brunswick, CeCe says, “The home is serving us in more ways now than ever before. For some, not all, the home is a sanctuary and a place of healing, work and play. We are excited to provide a new service to support individuals to prune and reinvent their home spaces to support them in new ways.”