Empowering Single Mothers For Career and Financial Success

Working together to empower single mothers in transition in York County, New Ventures Maine recently joined with Catholic Charities Maine to launch Career Success for Single Moms, a class for women temporarily housed in Saco while completing immigration to the U.S.

NVME Adds a New Free Service: Student Loan Repayment Counseling

NVME staff will now offer free Student Loan Repayment Counseling in addition to classes and coaching in financial education. Student Loan Repayment Counseling is for individuals who are struggling to repay student loans, have a loan that is past due or in default, need assistance choosing a repayment plan…

It’s That Time (Already!)

It’s tax time. With free tax help, DIY tax filing links, and other resources, you can get started on your taxes now and get the support you need along the way.

Spotlight on UMA Student and CA$H Volunteer – Leah Kovitch

In preparation for this tax season, New Ventures Maine collaborated with the University of Maine at Augusta’s Accounting Program, Colby College’s Center for Civic Engagement, and other Maine colleges to recruit students as volunteer tax preparers for CA$H Maine’s Volunteer Income Tax Assistance sites. Leah Kovitch was not new to tax preparation when she joined CA$H Maine’s volunteer team. Alongside her volunteer work, Leah works as a professional tax preparer, …

Welcoming Our New Central Region Workforce Specialist, Kelley Glidden

We are pleased to welcome Kelley Glidden to New Ventures Maine as the Workforce Specialist in our Central Region.   Kelley is providing career planning and financial education workshops and coaching services for community members and UMA students in Kennebec and Somerset Counties. Kelley is also on the MoneyWise team, providing guidance on money topics. Kelley joins our staff after many years as a program director, educator, and advocate for a domestic violence program. This …

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Living Within Your Means

Written by Sherrie Brann, Central Region Workforce Specialist Living “within your means” is basically spending less than you earn. In today’s society, it is easy to develop a lifestyle of living beyond our means. This can be due to easy access to credit cards and loans or not paying close attention to our spending. Eventually, this lifestyle leads to financial stress, which is why many of us would like to …

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Does Your Paycheck Need a Checkup?

Written by Janet Smith, Regional Manager and Workforce Specialist in NVME’s Western Region  What Happened? At the beginning of this year, major changes to federal income tax rates went into effect across the country. These changes may have impacted your take-home pay and may also affect your 2018 taxes when you file in 2019. Who Does it Impact? If you fall into one of the following categories, it’s crucial that …

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Talking to Kids About Money

Written by Suzanne Senechal-Jandreau, Northern Region Workforce Specialist and Regional Manager  When I was young, we did not talk about money in our house. Many parents do not want to burden their children with concern about money. A lot of people have learned from their own experiences that money, even within a family structure, is a forbidden topic. It is difficult for children to understand why they cannot have everything that they …

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Be Resourceful with Your Money

Written by Sherrie Brann, Central Region Workforce Specialist Have you been looking for websites or apps to help you reach your money goals? The following websites are dedicated to doing just that! In this article, you will find trustworthy and free online tools that can help you set and reach savings goals.   Money Website for Everyone America Saves Set a savings goal and get tips to help you reach …

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Make Your Tax Refund Work for You!

You work hard for your money and you deserve to enjoy a healthy financial lifestyle. The following article explores how to use your refund this year to make things a little easier for you in the future and to benefit you and your family over the long term. Written by, Justin Chu, a Program Associate for the Taxpayer Opportunity Network a program of Prosperity Now, formerly CFED. “At Prosperity Now, we believe …

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