Next Steps: Work & Life Beyond the Pandemic

  • Program Area: Build your Career
  • Date: September 15, 2021
  • Day of the week: Wednesday
  • Time of day: 10:00 - 11:30 a.m.
  • Delivery: Online

Class Description

The pandemic has made many of us examine our personal and professional goals and priorities. In this interactive online class participants will take steps toward work and life changes, make connections with other participants and community-based resources, set personal goals, and develop an action plan for making progress on their goals.

Building a Strong Future: This session will welcome participants, provide an overview of the class, and introduce our instructors. In six workshops we will move forward together – exploring options and making plans.

Confidence: Whether you are looking for a job, starting a business, or working on a personal goal, explore tools to build your self-confidence and keep it strong.

Career Paths to Quality Jobs: Take charge of your career and create a plan to achieve success. Learn how your current skills connect to future careers. Identify high-wage, in-demand job fields and those with possible remote/flexible opportunities. Explore education and training options.

Financial Wellness: Learn ways to improve your financial wellbeing to meet current and ongoing financial obligations, plan for a secure financial future, and make choices with your money that allow you to enjoy life.

Leadership: Leadership can take many forms. This session will explore some ways to practice leadership skills and find opportunities for leadership at work and/or in your community.

Create a Personal Action Plan: Review and reflect on our learning and exploration, develop your own short- and long-term goals with a timeline, create your action plan, and share highlights with the group.

Registration/More Info

This class meets every other week starting on 9/15. Networking sessions are offered between classes.

Questions? Contact Jean Dempster at 207-621-3434 or dempster@maine.edu. If you recently completed the NVME registration form, you may sign up for this class by contacting Jean.
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ClassDateProgram AreaLocationRegion
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Interview Strategies2024-06-25 June 25, 2024Build your CareerONLINE EveningStatewide
Job Search Strategies2024-08-08 August 08, 2024Build your CareerONLINE EveningStatewide
Resume Strategies2024-08-15 August 15, 2024Build your CareerONLINE EveningStatewide
Interview Strategies2024-08-22 August 22, 2024Build your CareerONLINE EveningStatewide
Building Confidence2024-09-02 September 02, 2024
(ends September 16, 2024)
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Making Career Choices2024-09-19 September 19, 2024Build your CareerONLINE DaytimeStatewide
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Connecting Women to Forestry Careers2024-10-02 October 02, 2024Build your CareerONLINE EveningStatewide
Changing Jobs: Finding Work That Fits2024-09-25 September 25, 2024
(ends October 09, 2024)
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Job Search Strategies2024-11-06 November 06, 2024Build your CareerONLINE DaytimeStatewide
Building Confidence2024-10-23 October 23, 2024
(ends November 06, 2024)
Build your CareerONLINE DaytimeStatewide
Making Career Choices2024-11-07 November 07, 2024Build your CareerONLINE EveningStatewide
Resume Strategies2024-11-13 November 13, 2024Build your CareerONLINE DaytimeStatewide
Interview Strategies2024-11-20 November 20, 2024Build your CareerONLINE DaytimeStatewide
My Next Career Move Self-paced2024-09-01 September 01, 2024
(ends December 01, 2024)
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