Pam Meucci

Pam enrolled in WWC’s money training with an uncertain feeling.  She sensed that she needed to improve her awareness and skills with money but hadn’t known what to do or just how to do it.  In Financing Your Future at WWC she felt comfortable being with others who were experiencing some of the same money challenges as she did, especially those who had their work hours cut to a bare minimum or were laid off.

Working on the exercises in the finance class, Pam realized how often she visited the ATM for cash.  Without thinking about it, she withdrew money to either help family or to shop.  Being in the the class gave her an awareness of her habits.   “When I was told to save receipts, that’s when my eyes opened.  I was never held accountable for how much I took from the ATM or for shopping.  When I saw how much money I was wasting, my shopping got cut in half.  A little voice in my head said, ‘Do you need it or do you want it?’”

Pam had over 30 years experience working with challenged adults when she came to WWC.   In her work she advocated for clients and contacted the Governor and district Representatives as needed on their behalf.  She taught classes at a local facility, including an exercise group to keep clients mobile.  As the economy declined, Pam’s hours were cut and she began looking for other avenues of work.  Her passion was to purchase a group home.  In the meantime, she began volunteering at EMMC as a Reiki practitioner with babies gaining the title of Reiki Practitioner and Volunteer in the neonatal unit.  She has never forgotten the money skills she gained at WWC.  She has been a guardian and advocate for a long-term challenged client and is in the process of establishing a group home that will include living quarters for her.

Pam has also participated in WWC’s career exploration and entrepreneurship trainings, including New Ventures and she is a current Ambassador for WWC.