Rachel pouring liquid into a beaker.

Rachel Sukeforth – Hallowell

As a woman with a STEM degree, Rachel was highly qualified for a career in Environmental Science. Still, she faced a competitive and discouraging job search in 2011. “When I came to NVME (then Women, Work, and Community) I knew I needed a new approach to my search. My advice to anyone in a similar position is to be open-minded and patient.”

Natalie St Pierre – Belfast

Natalie St Pierre – Belfast

“New Ventures Maine is a cheerleader for folks who need an extra push to awaken the potential within them that they don’t quite see. The program helped me say, ‘Here is my goal, this is how I can achieve that goal, this is my roadmap, and once the roadmap is there, I can do whatever I want.’ I couldn’t have gotten to where I am today without the strength and support of NVME.”

Melissa sitting in computer lab

Melissa Barez – Rockland

“It’s not an easy thing to change your entire lifestyle. Learning how to work with a budget has allowed me to change my life for the better. Learning how money works gives control to the person who wields it, instead of being controlled by it.”

Meghan sitting in front of window with a coffee mug

Meghan Henshall – Portland

“When New Ventures Maine encouraged me to apply for a Family Development Account to match my savings for school, I realized I could make nursing school a reality.”

Finding Your Best Job

Finding Your Best Job

Learn how to search for a job, write a winning resume, and prepare for the interview.

Putting Your Personality to Work

Putting Your Personality to Work

You will discover your unique personality style and consider how to find the work environment that fits your natural strengths and style. Learn how to move up in your current job or find new employment that fits your personal strengths.

Karen sitting at table

Karen Garland-Kidder – Farmington

“NVME’s My Next Career Move class assisted me not only with career development but with my personal growth. This program has shown me that my career opportunities are limitless. I just need to be willing to take that next step in reaching towards my greatest potential.”

Jesse looking out window

Jesse Poole – Vinalhaven

“See what you are capable of and don’t be afraid to test your limits. At first, it was intimidating starting out in my 30’s. I was not sure I would be good at college. Now, I realize that I can do these things even though I was unsure before I tried them. I am so thankful there are organizations like NVME.”

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