Karen sitting at table

Karen Garland-Kidder – Farmington

“NVME’s My Next Career Move class assisted me not only with career development but with my personal growth. This program has shown me that my career opportunities are limitless. I just need to be willing to take that next step in reaching towards my greatest potential.”

Jesse looking out window

Jesse Poole – Vinalhaven

“See what you are capable of and don’t be afraid to test your limits. At first, it was intimidating starting out in my 30’s. I was not sure I would be good at college. Now, I realize that I can do these things even though I was unsure before I tried them. I am so thankful there are organizations like NVME.”

Gail Outside

Gail Thibault – Presque Isle

Gail credits NVME for inspiring her to build her professional image and skills, increasing her self-esteem, and making her “aware of the importance of a budget and planning for the future.” Gail also thanks NVME for their support and helping her to realize she is “capable of persevering and seeing it pay off.”


Faye Nicholson – Waterville

At first, Faye feared she wouldn’t fit in the class because of her background.  Her work in the class helped her realize that she had been climbing big hills throughout her life and that she had persevered regardless of the challenges. “Knowing I can help people by sharing that approach to life has a big impact on my work at REM,” Faye shares.  


Donna Demers – Biddeford

“With the right motivation and tools, there is nothing that can’t be accomplished. What you learn in New Ventures Maine’s classes will help you reach your goals.”

Fundamentals of Federal Financial Aid  and Other Ways to Pay for School

Fundamentals of Federal Financial Aid and Other Ways to Pay for School

Understanding Federal and State Financial Aid opportunities can make paying for college a lot more affordable than you think. This session will focus on a variety of aid and how to plan your college aid spending to gain an advantage, and plan for your future graduation – one that has no surprises. We will explore alternative aid – matched education savings plans, scholarships, and more. A UMA Money Wise workshop …

Danielle F.

Danielle Flannery – Farmington

“I would not have even applied for that job without the assistance and support of NVME. I’m still working for WMCA and have expanded my professional horizons there in my new role as a Data Specialist. I have a stable job at an agency I am proud to work for and have had the opportunity to further develop and learn new skills. Getting this job meant more than a steady paycheck – it was my opportunity to make my own future rather than have it dictated to me. I owe it to NVME for helping me get there.”

Anne Standing at Desk

Anne Schink – South Portland

“The New Ventures Maine program encouraged me to confront who I am as a person, who I want to be in the marketplace, and what success looks like. The support from the NVME staff made this honest assessment possible.”

Jenna Spear and her daughter.

Jenna Spear – Wiscasset

Even when the going gets rough, Jenna says, “Work harder when things are slow. Uncertainty can be frustrating at times and invigorating at others. Believe in yourself and know when to admit that your current strategy is not working.”

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